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1.2M Inflatable Body Bubble Bumper

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Inflatable bumper balls are the perfect activity for all ages at any recreational event.

With it, you can enjoy family-friendly fun at the beach, park or in the backyard.
Wearable bumper balls can roll, tumble and bounce and are the basis for an endless variety of games.
Encourages kids to get outside for fun, healthy activities which can develop abilities of coordination, balance, and friendly competition.

The material is 1.0mm thick PVC

 1.2m diameter ball : Height of 1.0m, diameter of middle hole of 45cm
1.5m diameter ball: Height: 1.15m, diameter of middle hole is 50cm

Children with height of 1.3-1.6m are suitable for balls with diameter of 1.2m.
Children with a height of 1.6-1.8m are suitable for balls with a diameter of 1.5m.

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